Main Street Eatery offers catering services for up to 200 people within Central Alberta. Whether you need coffee and treats or full-service catering we can specialize a menu for you.

Our restaurant menu consists of:

Hot Drinks 12 oz and 160z

Coffee  2.50 ~ 2.75

Lattes 5.00 ~ 5.50

Cappuccino 5.00 ~ 5.50

Mocha 5.00 ~ 5.50

Americano 3.50 ~ 4.00

Hot Chocolate 3.50 ~ 4.00

Tea 3.00 ~ 3.50

Proudly Serving Central Alberta’s
B\rdy Coffee

Woman's hands holding a cup of coffee

Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee 2.50/2.75

Pop 1.75

Water 1.75


Sandwiches 7.25 each

Cluck Cluck – Egg Salad ~ Freshly baked bread, dill egg salad, mayo, and veggies.

Holy Cow – Roast Beef ~ Freshly baked bread, in-house roasted beef, root beer bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, mayo, and veggies.

Veggie Wedgie – Vegetarian ~ Freshly baked bread, homestyle guacamole, mayo, and veggies.

Turkey Lurky – $8.25 ~ Freshly baked bread, in-house roasted turkey, homestyle stuffing, smokey bacon and cranberry jam, mayo, and veggies. 

Tunanator – $8 ~ Open-faced freshly baked bread, loaded with dill tuna, cheddar cheese, and mayo toasted golden brown. 

Buenos Dias – $7 ~ Southwestern style flour tortilla, filled with pork sausage, taco seasoning, green & red peppers, onion, eggs, and taco cheese.

Cluck Cluck_1650x1096

Soup or Salad

250ml 4.00

500 ml 7.00


Add $3.00 to make any sandwich or stuffed bun a combo with small soup.

Salad 7.00

Taco Soup_1237x1650


Cinz Bunz 3.50

Pie 6.50

Heavenly Cheese Cake 6.50

Frozen Drumstick Cheese Cake 6.50

Fresh Loaf Of Bread To Go 5.00

Classic Cupcakes 3.00 each

Mini Loafs 3.50 each

Lemon Pie_1237x1650

daily specials can be found on Facebook and Instagram weekly.


School Hot Lunch Items also available contact for pricing ~ 403-713-0236

- Freezer Meals To Go -

Do you find yourself longing for a home-cooked meal but do not have the time or the energy to make it happen? Main Street Eatery offers homemade freezer meals that you can take home and have on hand when you need it.

Heat and Eat!

Our freezer meals are the perfect solution for busy families, seniors, or those who work away.

They also make the perfect gift for new parents, moving, illness, or your loved ones that are just super busy.

Frozen Take Home Meals
8.00 / 1 person
15.00 /2 people

  • Lakers Lasagna
  • Shepard’s Pie
  • Beef and Brew Meatballs
  • Dried Garlic Ribs
  • The Jerk -Jerk Chicken Chili
  • Buenos Dias Breakfast Wraps ~ $7 each or 4 for $24

Frozen Soup 500 ML – $6.50 ~ 1 L – $9.00